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"Repeatedly I have witnessed that the great possess the gifts they give themselves."




"The great are not born, they are trained"- We have all heard time and again the stories of the greatest figures striving through hardships, with odds stacked against them only to come out ahead in the end. Many times they not only end up making it, but often become the greatest. Just take a look at Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice. I mention these two because they have three things in common. One, they are considered by most to be the best of their sport of all time. Two, they were both very well known to have the most relentless work ethic. Three, they almost did not make it early on in their careers. You could say the odds were stacked against them. Jordan was cut from his varsity basketball team as a sophomore and as with most high school players that want to get to the next level, this was devastating to him. It is how you respond that matters most. Many would give up and listen to the people around them telling them they may not be cut out for it. Or, it could turn on a competitive fire and develop a work ethic that will make you the best of all time. If Jordan was born with "it" or just gifted, the coaches more than likely would have kept him for what they call "his upside". The gifts Jordan later possessed he gave to himself through hard work, proper training, and an unmatched desire to succeed. Jerry Rice had similar odds stacked against him. Although considered a great athlete in high school, he was not good enough to warrant scholarship offers from the 40 or so Division I-A schools. He ultimately settled on a Division I-AA school that believed in his work ethic and he later went on to become the greatest wide receiver in the history of the NFL.






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