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              Matthew is a performance scientist who founded Xceleration. He is a long time renowned Sports Performance Pioneer.   
30 years spent with the singular mindset of industry innovation has led the performance world to new heights rooting back to its inception.  From revolutionizing the approach of training techniques, to providing education and vision to the training community, Matthew has worked in countless roles while the groundwork for the entire industry was being laid. The unprecedented resume of Matthew Neel quietly includes the likes of an Olympic gold medalist sprinter, a Final Four MVP, a Hiesman Trophy winner and NFL first pick of the draft.  His expertise has not only been sought by athletes willing to travel from all over the world but also trainers and organizations looking for help with their complex cases and methodology. Matthew's passion to teach and inspire people to reach their potential fuels him to continue to provide not only Xceleration's  athletes with the tools to achieve greatness, but will always continue to engage in leadership of the field in order to move the field forward continuously.  This leadership manifests a forever learning attitude at Xceleration, allowing the recruitment of the best talent worldwide and retaining  the most passionate performance assets ever assembled. 

 What We Do   We have the unique ability to not only give any athlete explosive speed but we are also equipped to precisely apply that speed to the specific sport. We are also able to tailor it to the individual position as well as mentor athletes in almost every facet. Our technology and innovative practices are great, but our greatest asset to our athletes is the mentor relationships formed with our long term one on one relationships.  The sports phycology involved cannot be overlooked when attempting to extract prolific results. Group or "small group" training "camps" or "clinics" cannot be a solution for long term development.  Our dedication to our athletes has and will always come before anything else.  

Our Passion    Everyone we take in we consider to be "Our Athlete". We not only have the empathy in understanding the drive towards success, but we also understand what it's like to be an athlete and also to have kids as athletes and what parents want for their kids. Truly a unique combination when you consider the education and experience with developing some of the most successful athletes in the history of the world.  Over time our athletes feel like our own. We long for the joy we receive from watching them be successful. We know that we learn just as much from them as they do from us. We love to explore each person's individual talent and look forward to the process of extracting the highest level of performance possible. The rewards of success at any level are what fuel our passion and renew our spirit as if we were training our first athlete. ​​​

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12 years with Xceleration

               JUDDa performance scientist is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association who also attended Truman State University on a football scholarship.  Judd graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology while earning all-conference and all-region honors at middle linebacker.  He was also voted 'linebacker of the year" by his teammates his junior and senior year and was selected as the team’s strength and conditioning athlete of the year twice.  After graduating he served as the football team’s strength and conditioning coach for one year before moving to San Diego, CA to begin a career as a sports medicine trainer.  In 2006 Judd joined the US Army and was commissioned as an infantry officer in 2007.  In 2007 he was awarded his Airborne wings and Ranger Tab.  During his time in service he served as a platoon leader in the 10th Mountain Division in Iraq and then as a platoon leader with the 3D Ranger Battalion in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for Service during his time in Iraq in 2008 and again in Afghanistan in 2010.  After leaving the service in November or 2010 he performed duties as the fitness director for World Gym Chicago before being recruited by Xceleration here in Austin.  Judd is one of the most technical trainers you can find anywhere in the country. Judd has a rare intellect  His level of interest in new science, current studies and technology keep him on the forefront of the performance industry.  Judd's experience as an officer and battle captain provides our training team, athletes and clients a wealth of leadership.   This has been evident in the countless athletes that have gone to play their sport in college, professional level and success in the service academies. 
       Judd’s passion is working with young athletes and helping them achieve their goals while encouraging them to set higher ones.  He believes in taking a scientific and common sense approach to sports medicine with the understanding that each athlete is unique and will only reach their full potential with a truly unique approach.  Judd’s strong desire to see his athletes succeed, as well as his competitive nature helps him get amazing results from everyone he works with.

10 years with Xceleration

                        MICHA  embodies the role of teacher/trainer/coach. Micah is one of the most effective performance teacher coaches in the industry of sports performance. He calls upon his multiple degrees and vast array of experience when approaching each session.  A Masters in Education with a concentration in Exercise Physiology laid the foundation to Micah pursing his passion for the transfer of knowledge, skill, and enlightenment to others.  Micah also holds certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. Micah's success in education opened doors to the participation in exercise research, and that has led to 10 years of training experience where he has been able to combine all of these tools to help his athletes be successful.  The passion behind every instruction and session is felt by the athlete and is the largest part of Micah's and the athletes' success.

10 years with Xceleration

              DANIEL  is a performance scientist who joinedthe Xceleration team by way of "Jump Science".  Daniel is the founder of  Jump Science. Xceleration was able to convince Daniel to bring the success of Jump Science down from Wisconsin to join the best sports performance team in the country.  He brought with him a unique skill set in the areas of explosive vertical jump training that has become a great asset to Xceleration athletes.  Daniel is one of the most sought after "jumps" trainers in the world.  Clients fly in from all over the globe to seek Daniel's advice. As an educator to the field, his educational videos and seminars are some of the most respected mediums in the performance world.  Daniel received his degree in Exercise Science and is a National Academy of sports Medicine corrective exercise specialist, (NASM, CES). The no nonsense approach to Daniels training is refreshing and effective.  He has a very strict approach to the scientifically proven methods and combines them with a great teaching disposition. Results are not a question with Daniel, they are a must.

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8 years with Xceleration

            RICKEY  has one of the most diverse football/education background and experience you will find in the world of sports performance.  After playing college football at corner and safety, Rickey received his masters from James Madison University while working for the University's sports performance program. Eager for more knowledge Rickey took his curiosity to Northwestern University and enrolled in another masters program while working as the asst. sports med. director for football, swimming and diving.  He was quickly pulled into the football program to be an assistant coach.  Rickey has 4 years of experience as a wide receivers coach at the college level.  He also has used his knowledge and motivation skills at the U.S. Olympic training center, and in the NFL helping hone the skills of the highest level athletes in the world.  Rickey has a great motivational style that lends itself to our athletes confidence.  His on field experiences combined with the highest of education levels in sports performance  makes Rickey an irreplaceable asset in an athlete's life. 

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6 years with Xceleration

                STEVEN  Personal success in sports is rarely a measurable qualification for a performance coach, but in Steven's case it's hard to ignore the variety of his experience, versatility and success. Making a choice between playing baseball and basketball in college, with the level of time commitment and dedication each one takes, is impressive enough; Steven is also a very high level golfer. These experiences help mold Steven's future passion for performance, not in a way you may see many great athletes' motivations fueled by their own ambitions in sport. Molding, inspiring, and developing young athletes is what fuels Steven. His B.S. in Exercise Science and added CSCS from NSCA provided the platform to begin his Performance Career many years ago, beginning with NFL combine prep and NFL offseason training. In his constant pursuit of knowledge, Steven attended the Titleist Performance Institute to become a TPI professional. Now, after spending several years with Xceleration, Steven has chosen to use his combined skills and vast experience in the area he feels he can make the most impact- the young athletes. Helping an already great athlete maintain their career lacks the level of reward Steven receives from developing a young athlete that has no idea of the great possibilities locked inside. The genuine care for his athletes is evident. You would be hard pressed to find not just a great trainer for an athlete, but someone that you would want to mentor, support and lead you or your athlete through their sport and life.


               LIANA is inquisitive and curious by nature. That lends great success to a performance coach. This combined with her take charge disposition has led her to success as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach across a multitude of sports. The experiences of leading NFL combine preparation and providing NBA players with development to keep them on the court, has positioned Liana to be an instant asset to any athlete. The dedication to her athletes is not only evident in their results but also in the loyalty and rapport.  The dedication started he pursuit of education. She studied Sports Sciences in Spain for her Bachelors and followed that up with attending Pitt. Already the top ranked PT program in the country, Pitt is one of the few schools in the US that offer a masters degree in Sports Science. Liana's unique education and experiences provides Xceleration and our athletes the tools to continue to push the industry forward, always pushing for new breakthroughs in performance.

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4 years with Xceleration

              DAN is a sports scientist with a dedicated and driven nature that led him to play professional soccer for the MLS San Jose Earthquakes. Dan has worked as a performance coach for 17 years -managing and leading trainers. He’s been an invaluable team member for 3 years. The auspicious act of Dan moving his family to Austin greatly benefits our athletes for years to come. Dan fits the Xceleration mold perfectly as Performance Coach.
Evident in our team, we don’t simply bring in ex-athletes as performance coaches. The leverage of their sports experience has benefits beyond education. However, without a passion for teaching and principles rooted in scientific education, innovation doesn’t happen.
Embodying Xceleration, Dan has a passion for the kinesiology and human performance field. More importantly, he cares about the result, experience, and overall success of his athletes. Deeply invested in each athlete, Dan balances his training technique with a no-nonsense approach.  Dan’s effortless way of receiving respect from his athletes provides an easy pathway to results. The results are mind-blowing.       
While obtaining his B.S. in Kinesiology, Dan played soccer for San Jose Sate University. Afterward, he became a coach at his alma mater while receiving a Masters in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology. This role was instrumental for Dan to impart with his athletes the process, requirements, and uncertainties of becoming a college athlete.
The amalgamation of his roles as a player, coach/recruiter have culminated in Dan being recherché to his athletes and the Xceleration team.


             KRISTOPHER       Kris’s profound versatility has been propelled by his educational pursuits. In the mold of Xceleration predecessors, the “constant learner” mentality has been with Kris since his childhood. Holding over 17 licenses and certifications alone is an impressive display of dedication to be the best. Kris combines that with a BS degree in Sports Science, and an MA in Sports Psychology and Applied Sports Science. Currently pursuing a doctoral program, Kris inspires all with his commitment to improvement, continual focus on learning, and drive to provide.

The analytical approach combined with creativity —achieves the absolute pinnacle path for Kris’s athletes.

The resilience Kris possesses is not just in his educational drive. He has firsthand success in playing college football, navigating a path shared amongst many of our star athletes —Never linear.  Kris is always looking for a higher challenge, obsessing over ways to improve.

Kris’s experiences have taken him from head strength coach, football coach, and track & field throws coach, to stints with the San Fransisco 49er’s and the XFL in the performance sciences.

Kris's accomplishments and experiences allow him to combine the the latest in advanced training methodology and theory with an understanding of both the psychological and data driven  aspects of sports performance in a way that is unsurpassed by anyone in the field today.

The providential performance development experiences will emprise new direction and often unforeseen perspectives and successes for any athlete that works with Kris.

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