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Todays golfer must also be an athlete

Sports evolve.  We can all agree that the two sports above are unrecognizable by todays standards. Looking from a distance most noticeably the equipment.  However, if you look more deeply the biggest change is athleticism.  Most would agree that football players are obviously way stronger, way bigger, and possess speed and skill on an entirely different level.  This has all been due to the culture of training and sports science in football. 

You will find many arguments that the equipment is the greatest factor in the explosive distances and control modern golfers possess compared to their earlier standard bearers.  This simply is not true.  Just as the modern shoulder pads and helmets have little to no effect on the speed, size and power of football players today. Yes, drivers and fairway woods are quite a bit different.  So we won't even look at them.  Lets look at an iron or a wedge.  Comparing the top guys in the 60's and 70's and even into the 80's and how far they hit their irons you can see the evolution.  Jack Nicklaus hit his 9 iron between 105 yards and 135 yards. We all remember Tiger Woods hitting his 9 iron approach shot from deep rough 205 yards 4 feet from the pin. Many players today easily hit 170+. Tour players consistently hit wedges 150 yards. Yes there are subtle differences in new and old clubs, but its not like we are talking about wooden shafts!

Becoming a better athlete will greatly improve your game. Not just in distance, but more importantly control and longevity.

Xceleration Golf Performance Lab has a proprietary scoring and diagnostic platform to determine athleticism. Looking at different elements that makes up the athlete allows us to find the best way to improve them.  With todays swing speeds creating an athletic body that can not only generate the forces for club head speed, but also absorb those forces. As one of our sports scientist likes to say, "You can't shoot a canon from a row boat".


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-"You can't shoot a canon from a row boat."

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