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If you are coming out of college and are entering the draft: Choose your COMBINE prep team carefully. This could determine your draft position by an entire round or two! Do not listen to your agent, they already have deals in place with training that benefits them, not you as an individual. Do your own research, travel, meet with people first. Do NOT choose the big mega facilities that run 100 different prospects of the same draft class through and then advertise they placed these already high draft picks in the NFL after working with them for 6 weeks. Do they provide a team that surrounds you? Or a few interns that are training an entire team of players? Be careful of working with your college strength coach for this most important training period you will ever have in your life. Team strength & conditioning is a completely different profession than private performance coaching. Not lessor, just different. Get a set of eyes on you that is accustomed to assessing the individual and communicating with one person at a level that extracts the exact skill level you need. You have been working and training with teams your entire career, this is your ONE shot for it to be all about you and your needs. Most of the best scientifically driven, extremely passionate professionals are not in the big heavily marketed facilities, those are where all the rookie trainers go to intern. Find a place that will invest everything they have, all their brain trust and time into getting you the most prepared possible for this important period in your life.

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