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-Performance is a Measure of Perseverance



There’s a common misconception that you’re either born fast or not. Some say you can’t teach speed. This is fundamentally not true. Speed is a skill that is as technical as a golf swing. Just like in golf, when you apply the proper biomechanics to a sprint, it achieves unparalleled results. Many place too much emphasis and value on genetics alone. Anyone can greatly increase their speed and we will guarantee the results.

What makes us the best in the world when it comes to speed training?

It's not the science, it's not decades of experience, there are plenty of other great coaches, trainers, and sports scientist in the world with these possessions.  It is simply our ability to teach it. We have developed a proven method of teaching speed that has completely turned what was possible on its head.  So much so, the Xceleration method is now patent pending.

Xceleration Athletes

Xceleration Athletes

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