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Sports Performance

We have the unique ability to not only give any athlete explosive speed but we are also equipped to precisely apply that speed to the specific sport.  We are also able to tailor it to the individual position as well as team game play, mental focus and visualization, proper and safe sports nutrition, injury prevention and corrective exercise.  Power and strength training are huge factors in all sports as well as required for developing speed.


-Conditioning is not speed training

We still see many of the same training techniques that have been used since the 1960's and 1970's. Some are still great and effective but others are worthless and can actually lower performance. Many of these training techniques exist due to tradition. Football is a multi-planar sport that requires functional training which builds strength in every plane and angle. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Football speed is to commonly perceived as "how fast is your 40 yard dash' (although we still train this for college and NFL testing procedures) it is not a great measure of football speed. Far too much emphasis is placed on the 40 yard dash. Typically the first 1-3 steps going to determine successful outcomes. Football speed is best described in the following way: With outstretched arms, fingertip to fingertip, 360 degrees around you, how efficiently can you xcelerate. When we apply our xceleration principles to any position in football, the advantages are evident to the point of almost being unfair!

One of the secrets to our success in football is immersing ourselves in the culture of the particular team of our athlete. Common problems with outside training include working counter to methodology of a teams philosophy but most commonly repeating what they already do. This leads to over training.  Our dedication to understanding what a coaching staff is doing helps us understand where we can be of the most benefit in skill development.  Speed development is NOT conditioning.


Increased vertical jump and foot speed are often sought out by basketball players throughout the world and many wonder whether or not it's possible for them.  It is!  We can improve anyone's game no matter what level they are currently.  Not only can we guarantee a higher vertical and greater speed, but we can also increase your explosive power, hand eye coordination, lateral quickness, shooting, passing, ball handling, and in game focus.


-  Increase explosive leg power six times faster

-  Significantly break your personal best vertical jump

-  Develop insane ball handling skills

-  Play with much faster reaction time

-  Get biomechanical feedback on shooting to deveop a consistant rhythem


Track Speed - Although our goal is to give athletes of all sports the speed of world class sprinters, track is a level of speed like no other.

To understand “Track Speed” you must first understand that all the other speed training we perform is geared toward what we call multi-planar speed. Most sports require speed in all directions as well as frequent starting and stopping. Therefore deceleration is just as important as acceleration for these sports. In track we have one goal - to apply all force to Xcelerate in one direction.

Here are three steps we start with to get the most of our sprinters.

1.  Analyze the athlete's genetic potential to determine which event is optimal for their future.
2.  Analyze the bio mechanics of the athlete in order to determine the most efficient running form for them.
​3.  Teach the proper force application for the acceleration phases. -Newton's 3rd Law "For every action there is an equal opposite reaction."

Many are under the impression that you need to get out there and run hard and train hard. While training hard is great we ao teach to train smart. Here is a list of a few things that can make or break a sprinter.​

*  Foot position when striking the ground (dorsi- flextion).​
*  Where the foot should strike​
*  Shin angle
*  Thigh position, or knee drive
*  Hip position
*  Spine angle
*  Arm swing (up or down?)
*  Hands (closed or open?)
*  Shoulder, neck relaxation
*  Head position
*  Breathing
*  Race day carb/hydration planning  ​

Our experience not only comes from years of scientific study, but also from traveling and training on the USA Track and Field circuit.​While being involved in some of the most prominent stages the sport has to offer, we have combined these experiences with science, leadership and vision.​This has led to the development of unequivocal programs, resulting in the most complete speed training you can find anywhere in the country.​We have a very unique combination of power and strength training, light load resistance, world class sprint technique training, as well as functional muscle balancing, rehabilitation, and sports nutrition.​

   Fitness Training

The entire approach to fitness has changed and so will you

IMPORTANT – Most programs start with an end point in mind, “lose weight in 6 weeks, 30 days or 2 weeks!”  – This is them telling you what you think you want to hear.  But actually they are setting you up for failure.  If you start a six week program, then it is just that…a program that ends in six weeks.  What about the other 80 or so years in your life?!  It is no wonder most diets and programs fail, that is what they are designed to do.  Most people start a program, hit it hard for 2 to 3 weeks, see a little results, start to plateau after 4 weeks or so and they fall off and stop working out after that.  This cycle has to stop…and it will with us!  We do not teach people to hurry up and get all the results they want in a few short weeks, rather, we teach you how to change your life style in a way that is sustainable and you will see results like NEVER before!

Services Offered

*    Consultation/current program evaluation
*    One-on-one private training
*    Boot camp/cross training
*    Nutritional services

Contact us and get the answers to these questions…the answers may surprise you:

1.  Can I target my “problem areas?”
2.  How do long bouts of cardio lower metabolism over time?
3.  What is the single most effective exercise?
4.  Should I start doing aerobic exercise before I start a weight  

training program?

5.  Why am I burning muscle when I think I'm burning fat?

    Fight Conditioning

It is a tricky balance between being able to last five rounds and not lose power and speed. Too many fighters have found out the hard way but you don't have to. Applying the right science will allow you to maximize your efforts. We will train your nervous system to recruit the right type of muscle for the job. Improper strength training can demoralize a fighter and render their skills useless. Correctly applied training will demoralize your opponent, and render them helpless. Your speed will overwhelm your opponent. Not only your physical speed, but your decision process will be like never before. Your strength will be effortless when you train for functional fighting power. Every fiber of your body will be linked together and will simultaneously fire when called upon, realizing all of your body's kinetic potential. Your flexibility will allow more and better submissions while releasing your kicks potential.  Put these together with sports nutrition and anaerobic threshold training, and you will be unstoppable.


Volleyball is one of the most fun sports to train!

       The misinterpretation of volleyball movement leads to improper training, testing and conditioning.  Volleyball is a pure power ​sport.  Developing massive amounts of strength and power are what allow a player to overcome the forces of gravity.  Developing these aspects of an athlete as well as training ground reactionary forces, are the keys to building a successful volleyball player. This should be the priority rather than "getting in shape." Running long distances and over conditioning are devastating to a volleyball players explosive skill.  If you notice the player in the picture above, the bottom her ribcage is at the top of the net, and she is a freshman in high school! This does not happen from running a mile or running up and down the floor to exhaustion. 


Rotational Velocity is the key to great hitting.


Upper body strength is not the foundation of a great power hitter or a great power pitcher.  If you study the mechanics of a great hitter, you see how those power hitters lead their swings with their hips…their upper body follows, then their arms, then their hands, and finally the bat comes through. That is to say that the baseball bat is essentially an extension of your body when you swing. I’m sure you’ve had coaches say to you that you have to keep your hands back. This may be a good cue for young hitters to focus on throwing their hips at the ball as opposed to just swinging the bat.

The more rotational velocity you can create the more momentum you will produce. The greater your momentum when you contact the ball, the greater the force you transfer to the ball. Likewise, as a pitcher or fielder, the greater the velocity you create with your body, the greater the speed of your throw. Therefore, if we can teach the body – through training, both in the training room and on the baseball field – to create more rotational velocity and more force, then we can create a more powerful baseball player, both on the offensive and defensive.


Do you get back, shoulder, knee or hip pain?  Do you feel you have lost power, maybe control?  With a functional training program, we can correct these issues, and prevent them.  This means you can practice and play more frequently, pain free. Keeping you onthe course means better golf!

A golf pro tells you how you are supposed to swing.  We tell you what is keeping you from doing it, and then fix the problems.


You already know what you are doing, you don't need another tip or gimmick, we won't try to change your swing, rather, increase balance, power, functional flexibility and control.

The best equipment you have is your body.  No matter what equipment you purchase, you will only be as good as your body will allow.  Start with you.

You have imbalances in strength and flexibility which rob your game of potential power and control.  This is where we begin our training.

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